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Starcraft 2 Beta best All In 1 Crack (offline-mode)
« on: March 10, 2010, 02:48:55 PM »

Starcraft II - Beta Launcher
Made by Valkirie

This beta launcher is a graphical interface for the awesome tool from LazyTown Team. It allows you to quickly change and define your settings for Starcraft II Beta, like Arguments, Maps, Difficulty and some other tweaks.

# Compatible with syk0 maps pack.
# Compatible with official maps.
# Compatible with StarCrack AI

0.21 : (Replay Fixed)

Starcraft II Beta Launcher

# Requirement.
- LazyLauncher v2.0 or higher (
- NetFramework 3.5 (

# Follow us on DarkBlizz

# HOWTO: Add new IA
   To add new IA, create a folder with the name of your difficulty with "Base.SC2Data" file in it.
   ex. "Custom Starcrack V3\"         |- "Base.SC2Data"

# Features
- Type/Race/Color selection
- map voting system with popularity display
- Upload maps to server
- Download maps from server
- game version and language selection
- Change map and AI directory
- Restore original files

- Press + or - ingame to change the game speed
# Misc Options
-Disable All Textures: no textures will be loaded
-Show FPS: displays frames per second on game screen
-Trigger Debugger:
-Disable Windows Key: prevents usage of windows key
-Confine to window: confine mouse to window (windowed mode)
-Disable Alt-tab: prevent usage of alt-tab

Changelog 0.21
- Type/Race/Color selection.
- New GUI.
- Many minor tweaks to improve performance.
- Internet switcher.
- Support both original and hacked maps.

Changelog 0.20
- Reduced RAM consumption.
- Reduced CPU consumption.
- New layout.
- Simple Replay viewer (Select, Launch).
- Settings autosave (using INI file).
- Minimaps working.
- Multilanguage maps informations.
- Maps popularity with vote system.
- Code rewrite.
- Fixed x64 error.

Changelog 0.19
- Solution name changed.
- Formborder fixed.
- Support Dpi sized fonts.
- Online connection check to avoid netframework error.
- You can now define Maps/Replay, AI folders (saved into registry).
- Online parts moved to better server (no more lags).

Changelog 0.18
- More intuitive layout. (Thanks Wormbeast for the idea)
- Update adviser.
- Maps downloader.
- Most of bugs should be fixed now.
- Sounds on opening, update ready.

Changelog 0.17
- Brand new layout.
- Map informations reader.
- Optional map upload. (My server was overloading)
- A lot of bugs corrected and code cleanup.

Changelog 0.16
- A lot of gui modifications. (Thanks to MadSheep).
- Real time stats. (Most played map, Most used difficulty, Ingame players). *Need internet connexion- You can download maps directly from the launcher by clicking on its name. (Each new maps played by a players is sent to our server so other players can play on it).
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